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  • Improving server virtualisation security

    Server virtualisation security is no longer guaranteed by creating physical security zones for different classes of virtual machines on host servers. Networking and network security vendors are int...

  • Application-aware firewalls still evolving

    Application-aware firewalls enhance network security by giving enterprises visibility into the traffic that traverses Port 80 and Port 443, where stateful firewalls can't see. While application-awa...

  • Application-layer firewalls defend up the stack

    Application-layer firewalls must be combined with lower-level network security firewalls in order to implement a network firewall strategy that defends against low-level attacks as well as applicat...

  • Integrating LAN edge switch security and NAC

    The best form of network edge security is to integrate LAN edge switch security features with network access control devices so that networking teams can use VLANs, ACLs and health checks at the sw...

Network Security Strategy

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  • vSwitch best practices: Know what powers your virtualised network

    Virtual switches in a virtualised network offer high agility, yet potential management and design issues as well. These vSwitch best practices explore those problems and solutions. 

  • Integrated wired and wireless LAN security? Not so fast

    Combining wired and wireless LAN security solutions may be a plus for smaller companies, but larger enterprises fear security integration could result in vulnerabilities. 

  • Guide to firewalls

    To keep your network data secure, read this guide to firewalls. You'll understand what they are, how they work, which types exist, which ones to buy and how to audit network traffic through this guide. 

About Network Security Strategy

A network security strategy is crucial to your network. Find out how to select the best network security appliances and monitoring tools. Explore traffic and application-layer monitoring software, integrating traditional and next-generation firewalls, using virtualised security appliances, network access control methods and intrusion prevention and detection systems (IPS/IDS). Also learn about implementing network security policies and how to meet UK and European compliance regulations and requirements.