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Networking and Virtualisation Management

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  • vSwitch best practices: Know what powers your virtualised network

    Virtual switches in a virtualised network offer high agility, yet potential management and design issues as well. These vSwitch best practices explore those problems and solutions. 

  • How to solve virtual network switch problems

    Server virtualisation creates a new layer of virtual network switches that provide VM-to-VM connectivity—but not without complications. Learn the solutions to these challenges. 

  • Virtualisation certification guide for the networking pro

    Virtualisation training can be obtained through real-world experience, but networking pros find that virtualisation certification programs can help them obtain new skills proactively and can differentiate them as job candidates. 

  • Managing virtualisation: Virtualisation networking FAQ

    Virtualisation affects the job of every networking professional who uses server virtualisation. This FAQ examines virtualisation networking questions as answered by a panel of networking and virtualisation experts. 

  • Virtualisation networking guide: Managing virtualisation

    Networking professionals must understand how server virtualisation affects the network. This virtualisation networking guide examines capacity planning for virtual server networking, managing virtual networks through distributed virtual switching, an... 

  • I/O virtualisation and converged I/O: Understanding the basics

    I/O virtualisation and converged I/O are crucial to enabling converged data centre networks and avoiding the bottlenecking that arises in virtualised environments. In this primer, learn about I/O virtualisation appliances and software, as well as str... 

About Networking and Virtualisation Management

Here you'll learn about the important relationship between virtualisation and networking in data centre networks and how UK network pros must take a greater role in servers and systems. Read about using the network to manage server virtualisation and virtual machine traffic, as well as using network virtualisation and segmentation to implement multi-tenant cloud networks and to better enable a dynamic applications environment. Also find out about approaches to using virtualised network components and implementing distributed intelligent network strategies.