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  • FCoE or iSCSI? Doesn’t matter! It’s about Ethernet

    Some question the path to network convergence - is it through FCoE or iSCSI? Either way, preparing the existing infrastructure will be key to a healthy network environment.

  • Is cloud computing bad for your networking career?

    Many network managers may have an emotional resistance to cloud computing, but experts explain the economic benefits and positive career impact outsourcing data centre resources can have.

  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet tutorial

    As IT teams build 10 Gigabit Ethernet networks, they'll have to choose the right 10 Gigabit Ethernet cabling and components in order to ensure data centre optimisation and prevent latency in the ne...

  • Unified fabric primer: FCoE and data centre bridging

    Unified data centre fabrics combine FCoE and data centre bridging to enable SAN and LAN traffic to run on the same physical network, simplifying network architecture and resulting in savings. This ...

Storage and Data Centre Networks

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  • Can VXLAN and NVGRE solve your cloud network VLAN shortage?

    Both VXLAN and NVGRE offer encapsulation methods that create thousands more VLANs in heavily virtualised environments and extend subnets over Layers 2 and 3. Do either work? 

  • Virtualisation management requires planning

    Virtualisation management is becoming a requirement for network managers to keep applications and networked systems running smoothly. That requires understanding the goals of your virtualisation project and prior performance baselines. 

  • How to optimise Ethernet for data centre networks

    It will take time for super-fast data centre Ethernet technologies to evolve, so managers of data centre networks must optimise existing Ethernet through a series of strategies that range from choosing very large switches to isolating storage network...