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  • Buyer's Guide: Tips for small companies on IPv6 migration

    There is no rush to switch from IPv4 to IPv6, but there is no harm in being prepared for IPv6. We look at the practical issues for SMEs. 

  • Buyer's Guide: How to prepare your organisation for IPv6

    The switch to IPv6 – on 6 June – shows just how imminent the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 is. Is your organisation ready? 

  • Exploring LTE architecture and services drivers

    This article looks at the diverse forces driving LTE architecture planning and deployment, which require operators to analyse the broadband service and usage habits of their wireless markets, how their geography affects technology choices, and their ... 

  • Guide to MPLS VPN/Ethernet VPLS edge networking services

    Ethernet VPLS and MPLS VPN services can play a key role in edge networking design. This guide looks at deploying these services correctly, their strengths and weaknesses, handling enterprise customers' expectations and more. 

  • Telecom industry preps for 100G DWDM optical transport

    The telecom industry wants to move quickly to develop 100G DWDM optical network transport. In part 1 of this expert lesson, optical networking expert Eve Griliches looks at the forces driving first-generation adoption. After learning from 40G mistake... 

  • Understanding cloud computing services

    As the cloud computing services market evolves, cloud service providers of all types are on a steep learning curve to change the IT services delivery model for enterprise customers. Find out who's playing in this market, what infrastructure is being ... 

  • Broadband infrastructure options for capacity planning

    Service providers have to balance myriad factors when doing a broadband infrastructure capacity planning analysis, ranging from four main technology options to keeping a close eye on the competition and regulatory changes that could affect profits an... 

  • Four content strategy models for network operators

    Network operators eager for a bigger role in content delivery are looking at four main content strategies that leverage their strengths, take regulatory requirements into account and align with both service layer and cloud computing plans. 

  • Telecom carriers must change to sell cloud IT services

    Most telecom carriers have their own views of how to win as cloud computing providers, but outside their traditional business model, the cloud is about selling IT services, which have very different requirements and enterprise expectations. 

About Telecoms Networks

Get up-to-date information about UK telecoms networks and service providers' efforts to deploy next-generation IP architecture and build out network infrastructure to offer data, voice and video services via a single network and meet users' bandwidth-intensive content delivery needs. This section includes resources on advanced optical networking, as well as routing and switching technologies for metro and core network requirements to facilitate service delivery from platforms in the data center and the network.